Beauty Box is proud to present the latest 3D Lipo Machine, non-surgical lipo, say bye-bye to those muffin tops, pockets of fat that you just can seem to shift, areas of cellulite and saggy skin!

Come for a free consultation, where you can speak to our fully trained staff about your needs and requirements and we can which type of treatment is the best for you. We have chosen one of the most advanced non-surgical fat removal machines available and used by many celebrities such as Amy Childs and Colleen Rooney. After a treatment there are minimal side effects and you can go back to work straight away!

So what are you waiting for come book in for a free consultation and see how we can make a life changing treatment work for you today!



Those stubborn pockets of fat, such as bingo wings, spare tyre or muffin tops, are very difficult to remove no matter how much exercise you do, Crylipolysis is the treatment for you. The first cryolipolysis machine was approved in 2010.In every study done so far, cryolipolysis has been proven to be effective in producing about a 20-25% reduction in fat thickness per treatment. Results are generally seen up to 10 weeks after treatment, and the same area can only be treated after one month.


Ultrasound cavitation is a 3D liposuction treatment that eliminates fat cells from the body safely, efficiently and non-invasively. We use targeted ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells without harming any other cells in your body. The cells are then expelled from the body via the lymphatic system. On occasions results can be seen after 1 week, however we do recommend at least 8 treatments.


By using a vacuum skin rolling technique to target cellulite reduction. When used on body areas where the skin often has an orange peel appearance, the pulsing compression waves work to break down the hardened fat cells, producing instant smoothness and toning. This is often incorporated with the cavitation treatment, but can also be purchased on its own. Results can generally be seen after 6 treatments, however again we recommend at least 8 treatments.


Radio frequency is one of several 3D liposuction procedures. It involves the use of radio waves to tighten the skin around the treated area; if, for example, you would like your abdomen to look more toned, the radio frequency treatment will help. We have a lot of clients who after childbirth often want to tone up the saggy skin on their tummies. Again this will form part of you treatments package, however can also be purchased as a stand-alone treatment.